Dear President Obama...

I currently have a credit card debt of $900. And I was recently threatened (by a collections agency) with federal prosecution for "refusal" to pay.

So I've figured with the Trillions of dollars (1,000,000,000,000) being completely wasted on failed institutions that my minuscule debt of $900 could be paid off by the government. -What I'm really asking for is a bailout.

This might seem a little sarcastic but I am very serious. We have the banking industry receiving billions of dollars, and in the meantime, I have a collection agent asking me quote: "Don't you think, after the bank afforded you a credit card, that they deserve some kind of payment?" -that is actually what he asked

They're getting billions of dollars from taxpayers and they still have the gumption to hound people for 900 bucks. I'm a upstanding citizen. I have never been arrested. I'm trying to go back to school. And I sure as hell have never collapsed the U.S. economy.

Thank you,