Obama’s Grade: "A" for late-night TV; "D" for Healthcare

Since everyone has been grading the president on his performance thus far, I thought why not me??? -I can grade:

First the important stuff!

Name: (A+) Yeah, it’s weird and spell check corrects his name with Osama… but I admit that it is kind-of cool.

Talk Shows: (B-) Yeah, he’s been on Letterman more than he’s been in the White House ( it hasn’t been painted black yet?) but it’s not like he’s funny. If he wasn’t so rigid he would’ve got an A.

Choice of dog: (D) I assume his daughters had a hand in picking one out… But I’m not a fan of dogs that can be taken in a fight by an overweight house cat.

I know it’s not Letterman, but these are somewhat important.

Healthcare: (D-) I can’t even give him an A for effort.

Jobs: (D+) I mean that’s a solid D+, right there. I would have thought the Obama-Magic would have kicked in by now.

National Security: (B-) He will never publicly admit it, but he’s realized that you can’t “immideately pull out” of Iraq, you can’t close Gitmo and Afghanistan needs to be won.

So…. His Overall Grade: He does have that Late-Night TV thing down. He does get points for that. I think I will give him a solid C.

The Emergence of Right-Wing Lunacy

I haven’t been following the political blogoshpere in some time. But when I made the rounds this week I was happy to find a divide between the right-wingers. I’m happy, but, not surprised.

I had a feeling that once
was elected to office, the “Conservative” realm of political blogging was going down in flames.

I noticed the role reversal immediately between the Left-Wing lunatics and the Crazy-Righties. I realized that the conservative backing of heavyweight blogs was a defense from the insanity of the left-wing minority. Because, the entire growth of political blogging came throughout the Bush Administration. And so I knew that once a democrat was in office, the rational arguments against left-wing propaganda would change into the same insane hate-fueled attacks that is the mainstay of liberal blogs.

That is one of the reasons I stopped blogging. I saw the way self-proclaimed rational thinkers attacked the character and patriotism of John McCain. And I
made it clear then, that I did not want to be associated with the conservative blogoshpere. And I’m supportive of LGF and his effort to point out how bad the right-wing has become since President Obama took office.

Got Robbed on Saturday

I've had my car broken into before but never my apartment. Not until, last Saturday when someone or someone(s) came through my bedroom window while I was away.

I mean, I was only gone for 30 - 40 minutes. I went to Best Buy to pick up a Blu-Ray and in that time period my Playstation, Laptop, Oakleys, and more importantly, one of my handguns were stolen.

I either just missed them when I came back or they heard me coming. I began to unloak the door and the deadbolt and when I tried to open the door I noticed that the chain lock was locked from the inside. I ran to my car to grab my other gun and kicked in the door.... But nothing.

Someone got lucky because if they were there when I kicked in the door it might have started a shootout. Thankfull, I'm ok... although having a stranger in your home, stealing your stuff is a weird feeling.