The Emergence of Right-Wing Lunacy

I haven’t been following the political blogoshpere in some time. But when I made the rounds this week I was happy to find a divide between the right-wingers. I’m happy, but, not surprised.

I had a feeling that once
was elected to office, the “Conservative” realm of political blogging was going down in flames.

I noticed the role reversal immediately between the Left-Wing lunatics and the Crazy-Righties. I realized that the conservative backing of heavyweight blogs was a defense from the insanity of the left-wing minority. Because, the entire growth of political blogging came throughout the Bush Administration. And so I knew that once a democrat was in office, the rational arguments against left-wing propaganda would change into the same insane hate-fueled attacks that is the mainstay of liberal blogs.

That is one of the reasons I stopped blogging. I saw the way self-proclaimed rational thinkers attacked the character and patriotism of John McCain. And I
made it clear then, that I did not want to be associated with the conservative blogoshpere. And I’m supportive of LGF and his effort to point out how bad the right-wing has become since President Obama took office.