Got Robbed on Saturday

I've had my car broken into before but never my apartment. Not until, last Saturday when someone or someone(s) came through my bedroom window while I was away.

I mean, I was only gone for 30 - 40 minutes. I went to Best Buy to pick up a Blu-Ray and in that time period my Playstation, Laptop, Oakleys, and more importantly, one of my handguns were stolen.

I either just missed them when I came back or they heard me coming. I began to unloak the door and the deadbolt and when I tried to open the door I noticed that the chain lock was locked from the inside. I ran to my car to grab my other gun and kicked in the door.... But nothing.

Someone got lucky because if they were there when I kicked in the door it might have started a shootout. Thankfull, I'm ok... although having a stranger in your home, stealing your stuff is a weird feeling.