Obama’s Grade: "A" for late-night TV; "D" for Healthcare

Since everyone has been grading the president on his performance thus far, I thought why not me??? -I can grade:

First the important stuff!

Name: (A+) Yeah, it’s weird and spell check corrects his name with Osama… but I admit that it is kind-of cool.

Talk Shows: (B-) Yeah, he’s been on Letterman more than he’s been in the White House ( it hasn’t been painted black yet?) but it’s not like he’s funny. If he wasn’t so rigid he would’ve got an A.

Choice of dog: (D) I assume his daughters had a hand in picking one out… But I’m not a fan of dogs that can be taken in a fight by an overweight house cat.

I know it’s not Letterman, but these are somewhat important.

Healthcare: (D-) I can’t even give him an A for effort.

Jobs: (D+) I mean that’s a solid D+, right there. I would have thought the Obama-Magic would have kicked in by now.

National Security: (B-) He will never publicly admit it, but he’s realized that you can’t “immideately pull out” of Iraq, you can’t close Gitmo and Afghanistan needs to be won.

So…. His Overall Grade: He does have that Late-Night TV thing down. He does get points for that. I think I will give him a solid C.