Within Time

He is chasing you, you know? Right there. Right on your back. Careful not to reach for you because he knows you’ll find your second wind. He is there hoping you fall right into the set trap.

But you’re smart. And something is guiding you. You’re worried. And frightened. And scared. No matter. Because WITHIN time, there are moments destined. There are moments lived…

Wirrten By,
Anthony Tafoya

Fuck NBC; Long Live Conan

First, Universal cancelled the best show on television when they cancelled “Life”. It was original, funny, profound, and was the best character on TV… even better than House.

Now, these fuckwads kick
to the curb. I have no idea what they were thinking. Especially, after all the trouble they went through to keep Conan from going to another network a few years ago.

And the way they did it was dirty… And if
comes back to host the Tonight Show I will lose all respect for him. If he does come back I hope there is a backlash and his ratings crash.

Conan is one of my heroes. Whenever bad things were going on in my life I could always count on Conan to make me laugh. I needed those laughs. And I still do need those laughs.

On his final show last night, he mentioned that part of the settlement was that he was not able to host a show for seven months. But I’m sure another network will pick him up (everyone seems to think Fox). I’m thinking ABC will move Jimmy Kimmel to the later slot and put Conan up against Leno and Letterman. But who knows?

I’m rotting for ya Coney Cone!

First Chapter of my New Book

I got the first short chapter done and I have started the second.

Chapter 1:

On a cool summer night, in my head, someone died.

I thought I could be there. I thought I was there. I woke up and I was not there. I was here.


I go there often. But never there. Only here. It’s a dark place, “there” is. Here is a safe place; the safe place is here. For her, I’m better here.

She loved me. At least I thought she loved me. I can’t imagine her true feelings because she is a liar. She twisted my heart just enough to kill me. Thankfully, reason revived me. A purpose gave me life.

I’m going to kill her.

Written by,
Anthony Tafoya

Obama Does Speak with 'No Negro Dialect'

Can the truth be racist?

In the context of presidential election maneuverings, the most important part of Barack Obama's candidacy was being black without... well... being that black.

Washington (CNN) - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid apologized Saturday following reports he had privately described then-candidate Barack Obama during the presidential campaign as a black candidate who could be successful thanks in part to his “light-skinned” appearance and speaking patterns "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

Popular culture embraces the "Niggah" mentality and no legitimate person will deny that fact. What Obama was able to do (because he is articulate and clean-cut), was attract older, white democrats while his skin color was embraced by pop-culture.

His ideas and politics really didn't come into play.