Iran Goes Nuclear; World Watches

I'm not one to worry... But I'm pretty damn worried.

I wonder what would have happened if Hitler had access to nuclear weapons???

BUSHEHR, Iran – Trucks rumbled into Iran's first reactor Saturday to begin loading tons of uranium fuel in a long-delayed startup touted by officials as both a symbol of the country's peaceful intentions to produce nuclear energy as well as a triumph over Western pressure to rein in its nuclear ambitions.

The Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power plant will be internationally supervised, including a pledge by Russia to safeguard it against materials being diverted for any possible use in creating nuclear weapons. Iran's agreement to allow the oversight was a rare compromise by the Islamic state over its atomic program.

Western powers have cautiously accepted the deal as a way to keep spent nuclear fuel from crossing over to any military use. They say it illustrates their primary struggle: to block Iran's drive to create material that could be used for nuclear weapons and not its pursuit of peaceful nuclear power.

Remember that great idea of a united front of countries dedicated to providing peace and security throughout the world? Whatever happened to that thing?

Appeals Court Ruins Utah State Trooper Memorial

It seems that a general, American in memoriam symbol is too complicated for some Federal Appeals Court judges. Apparently, "A reasonable observer" would have no choice but to conclude that a set of memorial crosses is an outright endorsement of Christianity over any other religion.

SALT LAKE CITY -- The 14 crosses erected along Utah roads to commemorate fallen state Highway Patrol troopers convey a state preference for Christianity and are a violation of the U.S. Constitution, a federal appeals court said Wednesday.

The ruling reverses a 2007 decision by a federal district judge that said the crosses communicate a secular message about deaths and were not a public endorsement of religion. It's the latest in a recent rash of mixed-bag rulings on the public use of crosses.

A three-judge panel from Denver's 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in its 38-page ruling that a "reasonable observer" would conclude that the state and the Utah Highway Patrol were endorsing Christianity with the cross memorials.

The lawsuit was filed by an Atheist group out of Texas. Which gives me an idea:
I'm about to file a lawsuit against these stupid Atheist groups... A lawsuit to Get a Fuckin Life

Modern Warfare 2 Sucks

So many times I find myself racking up losses because of host/server problems. It pissess me off when 90% of my losses are due to getting kicked out of the game or having some kind of connection interruption.

I have a real 756 win streak that I accumulated during the first 2 weeks of the games' release. Guess what broke my win-streak?- A fuckin' connection interruption. I mean, they've had years and plenty of trial and error time to figure out how to manage connection issues and server strength. So what the hell is the problem?

And then the gameplay is so stupid that you can't play one online round without having an idiot with noob-tubes, rockets, and one man army. -Especially when you're playing HQ. You should only have two grenades for your launcher and only two rockets... even with One Man Army.

Not to mention the hacked leaderboards, hacked prestige rank, and fag-ass campers that suck the life out of the game. It's funny how CoD4 is way better than W@W and Modern warfare 2 Combined.

I think I'm just gonna play that.....

Dexter Season 5

I can't wait for the new season of Dexter. I went crazy over last seasons' finale. I had no idea that the situation with Rita was going to play out the way it did... but now that it happened, I don't think it should have gone any other way.

What I'm concerned about is where they are going to go with Debra Morgan. Is Dexter going to tell his sister? And if he does, how the hell is she going to react. Would she turn Dexter in or would she back her brother and cover for him? - I have no idea. But check out the new season trailer at the Showtime website

It's going to be crazy