Modern Warfare 2 Sucks

So many times I find myself racking up losses because of host/server problems. It pissess me off when 90% of my losses are due to getting kicked out of the game or having some kind of connection interruption.

I have a real 756 win streak that I accumulated during the first 2 weeks of the games' release. Guess what broke my win-streak?- A fuckin' connection interruption. I mean, they've had years and plenty of trial and error time to figure out how to manage connection issues and server strength. So what the hell is the problem?

And then the gameplay is so stupid that you can't play one online round without having an idiot with noob-tubes, rockets, and one man army. -Especially when you're playing HQ. You should only have two grenades for your launcher and only two rockets... even with One Man Army.

Not to mention the hacked leaderboards, hacked prestige rank, and fag-ass campers that suck the life out of the game. It's funny how CoD4 is way better than W@W and Modern warfare 2 Combined.

I think I'm just gonna play that.....