GeorgeW_Bush Black Ops

I've been the original George W. since the first Modern Warfare. And I can say that it's really made me a much better player. All kidding aside, one of the best players in the game.

(including top 100 in kills and score for WAW, top 1000 in MW1, 3 Gold Crosses, 2 Red Stars and currently among the top players in Black Ops -with no boosting).

When you take on the name of George Bush during the height of Bush-hatred, you have to get good quick.... because people want to kill you... literally!

People would talk so much shit before the game. but by the time the game ended, they weren't in the room anymore. which has always been my goal. And I can't take 1 game off because if these fucks beat me, they'll talk so much shit.

However, I've been having a lot more fun playing Black Ops (aside from the shit servers). I think a lot more people are open to the President Bush nowadays. Especially because we have Barack Obama in office now... and he fuckin' sucks. But I still got to be on top of my game because people still get a kick out of beating Bush (although it doesn't happen very often)

Black Ops Stats: GeorgeW_Bush (12/23/2010)

Overall HQ Rank: 290
Monthly HQ Rank: 32
Weekly HQ Rank: 9

Current Win Streak: 860
Top 3 Performances: 530
MVP Finishes: 190
Headshots: 1683