Love Life -Anthony Tafoya

Love Life. And Maybe. Just Maybe. Life Will Love You Back

At 26 years old, I have gone through a lot in life. A lot of suffering, trauma, and heartache. I used to be extremely happy. I mean happy to the point where nothing at all could bother me. And I miss that.

Obviously as I grow older I find myself in unwanted situations. Some people have made the case that, it is those situations that make you a better person; a stronger person. -I disagree. Not totally, but I disagree. Yes, those situations "shape you" but they do not make you. You make you. And how you make you determines how these situations affect you.

Life is great, and Life sucks. Sometimes all you have to do is be yourself. Not the person you think a particular situation calls for... but yourself. 100% you. And be Happy! Always try to be Happy!

Anthony Tafoya