It's Amazing

It's amazing how quickly time passes us. not only does it pass us but it outruns us as if we had weights strapped to our backs. -shit, I can't even see it anymore.

I'm coming up on 27 this May. I think maybe my youth was so fun and easy that I've been caught trying to find it. trying to get there again. -yeah, but that ain't happening.

I'm stuck here! gone though heart-ache, trauma, and a ton of bullshit; like two tons, actually.

maybe one day soon, I can say: today was a great fucking day. -here's to hope. And hey, it might not be great, but it ain't that bad :-) -here's to Love

No One Cares Nerd

You know why i stopped political blogging? -I realized that I was arguing with nerds.

I would spend hours arguing with a bunch of dorks who probably have never played a sport in their entire lives. Weak little nerds with extra pairs of glasses just in case they fall and break the ones they're wearing.

then I watch all of the political commentators on the news and comedy shows..... just nerds. Jon Stewart -Nerd. Bill Maher -Nerd

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

I've never really took the 2012 "end of the world" predictions very seriously....... until now.

From Hurricane Katrina to the Tsunami in Thailand to the uprisings in the Middle East to the recent Tsunami in Japan. All signs point to shit being fucked.