Palin Can't Win (The Unelectables)

conservative bloggers seem to still be in love with the unelectable. And I have no idea why.....

Palin is a great personality and seems to be one cool cat (call her Kitty Kat). But as we've seen with Barack Obama and how the left-wing media literally put him into the presidency; they (the media) has the power to destroy or make "possible" or "impossible". And the media is so vicious when it comes to Palin that she will never overcome it.

Granted, she may be a good governmental leader but she is not steady enough, or smart enough, to be president. Obama is, at least, smart. Smart enough to keep in place every Bush counter terrorism measure, even when it goes against his leftist ideals. Palin, I doubt, would have that type of resolve if leading meant going against everything she believes in.

A Palin nomination = A Democratic victory. -Just like nominating John Kerry was an automatic win for George W. -learn from liberal idiocy.

-Anthony Tafoya