War On Muslims; Egypt Libya

I don't do my Opinionnation posts much anymore but I had to after this Libya and Egypt shit. #GoodOleDays 


The United States is not in a war against the religion of Islam... We embrace Muslim Americans who embrace rational thought... And America will always embrace those individuals who think clearly. I, for one, want more Muslim/Americans to come to our country. I want them to succeed in every day life. i want them to be part of this country

Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of them, maybe millions of them do not... We accepted 9/11 hijackers into our country and into our flight schools not because we hate; but because we allow all people to have opportunities. We didn't burn down their embassies and murder them for trying to embrace our culture. And we do not murder them simply for trying to identify with our faiths. We embrace Islamic heritage and we support their hopes. WE GIVE OUR LIVES FOR THEIR FREEDOM.

However, with them, a cartoon caused massacres. Opinions caused massacres. Books caused Massacres. Love between two people of differing religions caused massacres. Hope for freedom caused massacres. Dissent caused Massacres. Free Speech caused massacres. Civilized thought caused massacres.

There is no middle ground with these people... if you can call them people.

The United States has not subjugated these people. we have not taken their land. We have not tried to erase their religion. There is no left-wing, 'root cause' of this violence. -The ROOT CAUSE is their unmitigated violence. THE FACT IS, is that we are a global community and if these radical Muslims can't accept that, then there is no excuse for their existence. -We did not make them poor. We did not make them desperate. We did not steal their oil. We did not try to change them. We did not force them into different religions. We did not target thousands of innocent people to murder for reason.

I'm tired of Democratic leaders making excuses for the senseless murder of Americans. I'm tired of the left-wing trying to make excuses for the medieval violence of radical Islam.

It's true that some cultures in the Middle East can only be controlled by violence and oppression.. But that's not our fault. It's not our fault, that when we try to give the majority of Islam freedom, that the controlling factors murder  without thought. -That's what they do. -They Kill!!!!

The truth is, that there is no open-mindedness with these so-called people. When happiness and freedom are a dream of an oppressed people; the oppressors will KILL. And the fact is, that the only way to free these people is to kill every single demented person on this planet.... It just so happens that the most demented people in this world have taken stake in the Mid East.

This goal has been stymied by Democrats for a decade now... I give President Obama credit for keeping in place all the Bush-Era counter terrorism measures but I abhor the fact that he is trying to play both sides... There are only two sides. -RIGHT and WRONG.

Christianity evolved. Judaism evolved. Everyone evolved... except for Islam. Barbarism has embodied every religion throughout history... This country had even embraced racism for decades. BUT WE EVOLVED. Islam has NOT.

 Thank God for President Bush and the US Armed Forces he led. Giving a real chance for the oppressed majority to fight for their independence. Freedom uprisings and counter thought have given a real opportunity to evolve from the Middle Ages. -We can't stop. We have to kill every single one of these radical Muslims. IT IS THE ONLY WAY. -And they know this. That's why they tried to prevent Iraq and Afghanistan from gaining an inkling of freedom. THE FACT IS: RADICAL MUSLIMS DO NOT WANT TO BE PART OF THIS WORLD. THEY WANT TO DESTROY THIS WORLD AND ANYONE WHO STRIVES TO ENDORSE FREEDOM.

The Nazis were a country; An enemy known. Radical Islam is a disease. -Both need to be eradicated.