Black Ops 2 PS3 (Lag)

UPDATE 12/6: Black Ops 2 Update 1.04 detailed here.

UPDATE 11/26: The first Black Ops 2 Patch is detailed here.

UPDATE Servers Down: No one can even get into a game. Almost a decade now and PSN and CoD can't even get opening week right!

Servers likely shut down by Activision over complaints about online problems

Well, it has been the first full day of Call of Duty: Black Ops brought to you by Treyarch. And the real issue is................ Of course, LAG. 

The Playstation Network as well as the Call of Duty servers are once again sub-par. Significant online loading bugs still exist as well as the dreaded advantageous lags the game gives to users with inadequate internet connections. my $70 dollar extra/month comcast Powerboost 25MBs DL and 4MBs UL speeds are no match for the ghetto connections of Mexico, Puerto Rico and Europe. Thankfully it's not a full second Lag like in the despicable online mode for MW3 but it is still quite bad. -It's not like this problem wasn't expected... It happens every game and it seems to actually be getting worse.

Gameplay: Well, it's hard to say. For brief moments (and I mean very brief) of even gameplay the online mode looks like to have a lot of potential. It seems like it might actually be fun to play. The player movements are a little more rigid compared to MW3 but it is still very fast play. Weapon variety leaves a lot to be desired, however.

HQ spawns (not sure with every game mode) seem to make no sense. I think to limit spawn trapping, Treyarch overcompensated. Just when you've worked to control a position with your team, the newly dead are given automatic flanking positions. And it seems like spawning is in bunches; to where if you take out one person you're always shot in the back by their teammate. You kill one person turning around to get a new position and another one comes from where he/she should not be coming from. 

The one highlight I would say after playing opening night are the "Killstreaks". -Really Cool