Twitter: A Love Note

For too long, I have went without love in my heart. For too long, this world has been a cruel place. For too long, my life has been empty.

But I was saved!

You came like a thief in the night, wearing night vision goggles; completely naked wearing only one tube sock. Your reverence shot a tingle down my leg like that tingle Chris Matthews felt when he crapped his pants watching President Obama sneeze; falling instantly in love.

You gave me hope where there was none. Time, where none existed. Erections, when strapping a few horses to my pickup failed. 

My world is whole now. I've hash-tagged my way to happiness. I've felt the lightning bolt of love all the way from my head to my toes. Every morning is like Christmas morning when I wake up to you by my side. I can tell you anything. And you will always listen. You will always be there for me. I Belieb in ThatAwkwardMomentWhen two people make eye contact during sex.

You are my sunshine Twitter. You are my smiley face on the LOL of life. 

#JustSayin I love you,


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