Me. The AR-15. And A 30 Round Mag (Gun Control)

Guns aren't the problem. I have owned a firearm for years and my gun has never jumped out of its holster and killed anyone.

The problem is: the illegal use of handguns by violent criminals or psychopaths. -you can't ban that. And you can't pick and choose which parts of the Constitution you want or don't want.

And  my message to the Far-Left:  

Be pro-choice! Support my choice to be a legal gun owner. Support my choice to own and drive a vehicle (which are responsible for far more deaths). Support my choice to defend myself. Support my choice speak up for my rights. Be pro-choice. It's my body and my life.

Thanks for being pro-choice!

--The 2nd Amendment is real. You can't pick and choose

Obama Blames GOP in Hopscotch Deaths

This morning President Obama blamed Senate Republicans for the deaths of 27 kids during a school yard hopscotch game.

The beloved childhood activity took a bizarre twist when John Boehner slapped a youngster after the boy claimed his mom was upset because the GOP refused to pay for her birth control and then denied her access to an abortion; forcing the mother to give birth to him. From there, all hell broke lose! 

The line at the end of the last hop point was backed up. dozens of kids were smashed together; creating a funnel of destruction and despair. 5 kids, including two girls suffocated under the immense pressure. 12 survivors made it out alive but unfortunately, 27 perished.