The Real Reason Behind the Phil Robertson Backlash (Duck Dynasty)

What happened here is clear to me:

The attention and praise Duck Dynasty was receiving from all walks of life was extremely frustrating to those in the media and some on the far-left. Their entire stereotype of southerners and conservatives was being dismantled with every episode. People supported a generational family who have faith in a particular religion and who practice a unity that liberalism has tried to minimize. It went against their cause in making broken homes, illegitimate children, and the lack of personal responsibility an acceptable norm in this country.

Deep down they hated this show; with all their heart. But they were forced to keep their mouths shut because Duck Dynasty was so popular they would risk looking foolish if they tried to push back..... Until now.

Their wish came true. A man spoke, in depth, about his personal beliefs, and they surrounded like a pack of disgusting hyenas. The same people who will shamelessly attack an African-American conservative for not being a slave to the leftist dogma; are the same types of people who will disparage a successful man, who worked hard his entire life; provided for his family; loves his children and grandchildren; and a man who tells the truth about how he feels.

These people are reprehensible human beings. And that she be clearly noted.